Monday, December 7, 2009

A sweet story...

My nephew James sent me this (how dare he send me something that made me cry at work!) : ) It's a very sweet story. I hope you enjoy it!

As Little Boy Loses Sight, He Asks to See USC Football as Final Wish

It's the heartwarming story of 12-year-old Jake Olson as he prepares for a surgery that will blind him permanently. His left eye had been removed years earlier, which was inflicted by retinoblastoma. With surgery looming on his right eye, he told his parents the last thing he wanted to see was a University of Southern California Trojan football game, according to a story on ESPN.

Word spread to the ears of USC head coach, Pete Carroll, who brought Jake in for a practice and meeting with the players. Jake's involvement with the team grew to an inseparable bond -- his favorite player, center Kris O'Dowd, was at the hospital the day of the surgery -- and the two look to each other as inspiration to succeed.

Since the surgery, Jake remains optimistic and says of his new football watching time: "It's kind of more fun to actually hear the hits than to actually see the hits."

Inspirational indeed.

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