Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving...

That by the time this posts, I will be in Chicago! I'm here until Saturday afternoon. I'm super excited, I have a lot of things planned while I'm here! :) I can never just go on vacation and relax, I have to be doing something all the time. :)

I'm loving...

That my parents had a great 60th anniversary party this past weekend. We surprised them by letting them know we were sending them on a cruise in January (that's the one I'm going on). Well, my dad knew about it, my mom was surprised. All six of their kids were at the party and all seven great-grandchildren were there too. I think about six grandchildren were missing from the party (yes, I have a HUGE family).

My dad used to play the ukulele and sing to my mom when they were first married. She bought him a ukulele for his birthday! :)
My folks and their six kids

My folks with their favorite child (my siblings usually don't read my blog, so I can get away with saying this here). :)
This gentleman was my dad's best friend in high school. They lost touch during college but my brother somehow found him online last year and got him in touch with my dad via email. Saturday was the first time they had seen each other since 1954.
The pictures below are of me and some of my nieces and nephews (no one escapes a picture with Aunt Rachel). :)
Yes, this is my nephew- he's older than me. He's always called me his "little aunt". :)

I'm loving...

That I'm the great-aunt (notice the hyphen) of these seven awesome kiddos. I'm getting another great-niece in October. :)

I'm loving...

That I was able to go to a Rangers game last week with some friends. I felt like I hadn't been to a game in ages (okay, it was maybe just two weeks, but it felt longer). Lol.

At the game with my friend Larry (his wife, my friend Misti, was out of town, so I was his date). And yes, she knew about it (it was her idea). Lol. :)
My beautiful friend Janie!
Friends enjoying a nice night at the Ballpark
Rangers win!
Hello win column!

What are YOU loving today?

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  1. That anniversary party looks like SO much fun!

    Hope that you have a fantastic time in Chi-Town! :)