Thursday, August 27, 2015

It's Ok Thursday....

It's OK...

...that we didn't have a What I'm Loving Wednesday link-up yesterday. I was sick in bed Monday and Tuesday, so the link-up didn't happen. Thanks to everyone who links up with us, we will be back next week! 

...that lately I've added more books to my "to read" list than my "read" list on my GoodReads account.  If you are on GoodReads, you can follow me here. I'm so behind in my book challenge this year. And in posting my book reviews. Ug!! One day I will get it together. Lol.

Just a small portion of my "to read" list...
...that I finally canceled my cable (I do still have access to local  Dallas channels). Between Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, I can watch all of my TV shows and a ton of movies. And with my new Fire TV Stick, I can watch them all on my TV instead of my laptop. Yes, I'm sacrificing watching Rangers games from the comfort of my home, but I have friends who have offered to let me watch games with them. As much as I love my Rangers, saving $120 was too tempting to pass up. Once I get some debt paid off, I might go back to cable, maybe. Hopefully by then I won't be forced to deal with the Anti-Christ Time Warner Cable anymore. 

Returned my cable DVRs to Time Warner last week
So far this has been a great purchase!
...that I was excited to sit in the driver's seat of a fire truck (don't judge). My company had a "Bring Your Kid to Work" day and I was one of the volunteers. The local fire department showed up to teach fire safety to the kids. After the kids got a tour of the fire truck, they let the big kids get up there. Okay, they let THIS big kid get up there. Because I asked. Thankfully they humored me. Lol.

Sadly, this was NOTHING like the TV show Chicago Fire
...that I'm over all the political talk in my Facebook feed and Twitter timelines. I'm okay with people voicing their opinions, I respect that, BUT when they start attacking and saying hateful things towards people who disagree with them, I just can't deal with it. I've muted a lot of people right now. 

...that I don't think these sound appetizing. AT ALL.

...that I REALLY want a dog, but I know I can't have one right now. Yesterday was National Dog Day so I made a collage of SOME of my favorite dogs. I even got to spend a little time with one of the dogs after work. Something about a dog makes a bad day so much better. :)

...that I have the worst case of writer's block these days. And it's not just with my blog. It's with my sports writing too. I haven't been able to write anything for months. :( Shameless plug: check out ShutDown Inning for great baseball articles. Okay, mainly Texas Rangers articles, but these are my people, they do good work! I hope to contribute another article soon to the site. Writer's block is also affecting my short story/novel writing. Sigh. I guess all writers go through this. Maybe I will snap out of it.

I know this isn't a link-up anymore, but I wanted to post this week, and this was the only thing I could think of! I hope everyone has a fabulous day! We are almost to the weekend!!


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