Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's OK Thursday...

It's OK...

...that it's less than two hours until the second Christmas luncheon of my work week, and I don't feel like working.

...that I'm so annoyed with this person calling me that I'm posting their number on my blog. I have no clue who it is. They don't leave a message. I did Google the number and evidently it's some telemarketer. So much for being on the Do Not Call List.

...that I am hoping for a Christmas miracle and the Rangers sign someone good. After losing Michael Young and Mike Napoli, as well as not signing one of the big name free agents, I'm slowly slipping into panic mode. In JD we trust, In JD we trust...

...that I haven't really done any Christmas shopping yet.

...that I'm excited Kliff Kingsbury is the new football coach at Texas Tech. There is a good chance my nephew Jake might play for the Red Raiders next year. I know he's excited about the new coach (well, his older brother is at least). Wreck 'Em!

Coach Kingsbury
 ...that I enjoy having long text message conversations. 

...that I really want these rain boots. I've never had a pair before, but I would totally wear these. Possibly even if it wasn't raining.
I know I'm going to break down and get them, I hope they are still available at the MLB Shop.
...that I'm posting a random picture of myself on my blog today because SOMEONE pouted that I didn't post one yesterday. ;) Yes, I know, another duck lip picture. I do that a lot in pictures, don't I?

How you doing?
...that I think you need to listen to my friend James David Carter's version of Winter Wonderland. It's awesome! Follow him on Twitter here. Oh and tell him he needs to come to Dallas for a concert! :)

...that I can't remember the last time I updated my blog four days in a row!



  1. I'm worried about the Rangers' lack of movement too. :-/ I trust JD, but this silence/inactivity is making me nervous!

    Two work luncheons? Yikes. That's a lot of food.

  2. Thank you, thank you so much for the pic. Such a nice pleasant picture to brighten my morning at work before I saunter out to a work Christmas lunchen in town at an Italian restaurant in about an hour. Only sharing because I thought it kind of related to your situation. And another thing, I'm going to the Do Not Call list today and re-signing up myself. I have been getting hammered by sales calls so I think mine has run out too. UGH.

    -brett aka @180dv

  3. I told you not to worry about the Rangers. I am working with JD on that ghost of Satchel Paige thing. I have been getting calls from a number in WA that is very similar to that one. Maybe they are picking on Ranger fans. Odd. I ignore them or sometimes I answer and put the phone up next to the radio and make them listen to Ben and Skin....just to be annoying.

  4. It could be worse. Your team could've signed your most hated MLB player of all time like mine did... :(

  5. Oh I hate when numbers call over and over but leave no message. Not cool.