Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's OK Thursday...

Sorry for not being around much this week. I got sick on Sunday night and didn't get back to the "land of the living" until yesterday. 

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK... have watched almost two seasons of Supernatural since Sunday. Since I was sick in bed, I had my iPhone propped up on my nightstand and watched Netflix all day Monday and Tuesday. Yes, I was too sick to even turn on my laptop. I was miserable. :/ For those who have never seen Supernatural, here's a trailer for season 1. Viewer discretion is advised for the video (I don't find anything in here scary or gory, but I'm also weird and like that kind of stuff, so, just a heads up!) :) take pictures of your friends doing their best Derek "Dutchstache" Holland impersonation.
Lyn and her "Lynstache". buy $9 tickets for the Stars game (AKA "nosebleed") but end up sneaking down and sitting near the ice.
Our $9 seats
Where we ended up sitting after the first period. Why yes, I WAS trying to get a picture of Adam Burish on the big screen. love hockey fights a little too much.
I went to a fight...and a hockey game broke out! ;) be super excited about the shirts that my friends and I got for our spring training trip! The shirts look the same on the front and the back has our name and a number on it. Yes, there is a reason I picked #23. If you know me, you know why. ;)

...that I don't really believe the fortunes in fortune cookies, but find the two that I got on Friday at Pei Wei kind of funny (especially since I'm traveling next week). And a friend of mine pointed out that one of the "lucky numbers" was 23. Again, I just find it funny, I'm not saying I believe in it! ;) be sad that I fell asleep a little before 9 last night and missed the premiere of Psych. Guess I will be watching it tonight!! not really care for the Oscars but to be excited that Christopher Plummer finally won one on Sunday! I love him. He will forever be Captain Von Trapp to me! :) See his acceptance speech here (YouTube won't let me embed it). post pictures of my adorable great-nephews, just because I haven't done that in a while!
C trying to share his supper
E will NOT offer to share his burger! :)

So, what's OK with you today??


  1. I'm so bummed that I didn't get to go to a hockey game while I was there!!!!!! :(

    And I fell asleep before Psych was over, so I'll be watching tonight too!

  2. I was so excited that Christopher Plummer won, even though I don't follow much of the Oscars. I just love him for playing a role in my all-time favorite movie.

    Now I need to go home and watch Sound of Music! Shame on you, Rachel! :)

  3. Do you add 'in bed' at the end of your fortune cookie fortunes?
    I love hockey and the fights are almost my favorite part (the cute boys rank #1).
    Glad you are feeling better. Hopefully this weekend will be better for you.

  4. I had no idea you were such a Michael Jordan fan. Oh, wait....what? I still can't believe with all those stupid fortune cookies yours was the only one that made any sense. Go get your boy. Not Jordan!

  5. Hi! I'm glad that you're feeling better!!

  6. So good to hear from you Rachel! And darling little nephews you have there. Hope you have a good weekend.:-)

  7. So glad you're feeling better! The fights are the only reason I go to hockey games, they're the best! :)