Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter with the Family

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! I was able to go to my folks and spend time with my family (if you know me or have been following my blog for a while, you know I love family time!) :) For those who are new, I have a huge family. I'm the youngest of six kids, I have 16 nieces and nephews (20 if you count the "in-laws") and 4 great-nephews. My siblings are a little bit older than me (I'm what you call a "bonus baby"). Because of this, some of my nieces and nephews are close to my age (are you keeping up? Confused yet? Good, moving right along...) :)

Anyways, this Easter was extra special because my nephew Danny was back from Finland after being there for two years doing mission work. Until Friday, I hadn't seen him since April of 2009. He's only three years younger than me, so we are really close. I definitely missed him and was so excited to see him again! I'll be back "home" in two weeks for Mother's Day weekend so we'll get to spend some more time together. I have challenged him to a game of Yahtzee!

Easter this year consisted of my folks, two sisters, two brothers, one brother in law, two sister in laws, seven nephews, three nieces, one nephew-in-law, one niece-in-law, four great-nephews and two dogs. And to think that isn't my whole family. You wonder why I'm single? What guy wants to marry into THIS mess?? ;)

Hope you enjoy my family pictures!! I would love to hear how your Easter went. Please comment below or send me an email to let me know your adventures!

Have a great day! XOXO!!

My great-nephew E after eating spaghetti.

My great-nephew C loves sitting in the rocking chair on Meme's porch.
E was disappointed this huge Easter egg was empty.
C is thinking about taking up lacrosse (I think that is what the stick is for)
Odie showing some love
On Saturday some of us went to a Texas A&M/Oklahoma State baseball game
Me and my nephew Danny! So glad he is home!
My nephew-in-law Ray protesting being in a picture (he is E and C's dad).
Me and my lovely niece Katie (and Ray giving her bunny ears)
Texas A&M honoring former Aggie (and two time MLB World Series champion) Wally Moon. He also threw out the first pitch.
The OK State head coach arguing with the ump after getting ejected.
My dad and one of my brothers with some of my nephews.
My sister Mary with her three kids.

Me and my niece "A" realizing that we shouldn't look into the sun when taking a picture!
Me and my sweet nephew "A". He loves having his picture taken!

E didn't want to sit in his highchair- he wanted to sit at the "big kid" table.

Not sure what my nephew Jacob is doing here.
Me and my niece Alice (C and E's momma)
"A" was excited that Danny is back too!
Me and my nephew James. He comes in handy when cleaning the ceiling fans! :)
Me and my nephew Peter, who is threatening to move in with me since I go to so many Rangers games! :)
The Easter Egg Hunt
"B" and "D" getting candy from my mom (due to various allergies among the kids, no candy was in the eggs. They turned them in afterwards and my mom made sure they got candy they could eat).
Me with my great-nephew G
My nephew "D" did not want his picture taken yesterday. Aunt Rachel snapped this one when he wasn't expecting it.
My great-nephew "B" was all smiles!
Copper being lazy (he belongs to my nephew James)


  1. Love your family pics and your Easter dress!

  2. Wow really big family! I have a small family w/ only 2 cousins! Looks like you had a fun Easter weekend!

  3. First, you & your Easter dress were beautiful! Looks like you had a great time! That's awesome that Danny was doing mission work for two years, really exciting! I'm partial to dogs and I really wanna hang out with the two you have pics of, lol.

  4. Wow and I thought I had a big family! Fun pictures. I love spending time with my family too, I get so excited!

  5. Visiting from for the love of blogs. It looks like a lovely Easter celebration! And I am also working on my 101 in 1001 list so I really enjoyed reading yours!