Friday, November 19, 2010

Five Question Friday!

I'm so glad it's Friday! It's been one heck of a week! It's my flex day so I'm off work at 11:30 today. Wahoo!! 

1. What Christmas song do you loathe?
Wow, "loathe" is such a strong word. This is going to sound bad, but I'm not "fond" of The Little Drummer Boy song. (I can't say I "loathe" it though). Just something about it annoys me.

2. Do you and your significant other cuddle at night or sleep on opposite sides of the bed?
This doesn't really apply to me seeing that I only share my bed with Mordecai (my teddy bear). I will say that he hogs the covers. When I wake up, they are always on his side. That cheeky bear!! :)

3. Have you ever had surgery?
Does having my wisdom teeth cut out count? I had those taken out about 10 years ago. You know how most people are put "under" when their wisdom teeth are taken out? Yeah, I was WIDE AWAKE. Not fun my friends, not fun at all. 

4. When do you typically have your holiday shopping done?
By Christmas for sure! :) It all depends. I would say I actually have over 50% of my Christmas shopping for this year done right now. Of course I'm not buying all that much this year, so that is one of the reasons! :)

5. If money were not an issue (and you HAD to pick something), what would your ultimate luxury item be?
Wow, I'm not sure. I REALLY want a new TV (preferably a big flat screen). I just can't bring myself to buy it though. It's just too much money for a TV. Maybe one day I'll cave.


  1. I was wide awake for my wisdom teeth procedure as well. And, they kept running into "complications." And they would say, with me sitting right there, "We really should have put her out. This isn't good."

    Yeah.... traumatic!

  2. Wide awake???? I would've vetoed that right on the spot! I had friends who'd already had their widsom teeth out before I knew I needed to be OUT. That's insane!!!

    My BFF still has her wisdom teeth and her dentist has been trying to get them out for a while, but she refuses to have the ones that haven't pushed through cut out (I think due to insurance) nor will she have the ones that have come through extracted. She says they don't bother her so she's not going to worry about them!

  3. Hope you have a really nice weekend doll
    ! you deserve....and I love the Drummer Boy song:) perfect! xoxo

  4. Yeah, I'm not wild about that Little Drummer Boy song either... that one and Do You Hear What I Hear? Not so much.

    I think I already shared this, but I had my wisdom teeth out just this year. It wasn't too bad for such an old thing, and they said I was awake but yeah, I don't remember it, so I'm thinking the drugs were pretty good.